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I design things that people use

I live and breathe all things digital. Currently, I head up the digital design process at Jan Kelley and play a big part in improving all user experiences across the agency. I began my career in Scotland working in traditional design shops before learning web development, and, more importantly, learning a love for a new level of creativity and experimentation. From that moment on I was hooked on everything online.



After completing my BA, I started my career in print shops developing my skills in design. I then learned web development and, in doing so, built and designed websites for 3 years for P4P Creative.



When I moved to Canada, something switched in my head. My mind opened up to creative and I wanted to try it all. I worked as an Art Director creating digital, print and TV for great clients like Tim Hortons, SPC Card and Mattel.



There’s nothing like design. But I began to focus more on the strategy behind the pretty pictures and dove head first into mastering UX. Being able to test, improve and apply really appealed to me and I continue to enjoy learning what makes people tick today.

I've had the pleasure of working with: